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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Part Deux! That's part two in anothe language.

Deftones- Bored
Taproot- Smile
Slayer- Bloodline
Boyhitscar- Lovecore (Welcome To)
Fear Factory- New Breed
Clutch- Mice and Gods
Monster Magnet- Heads Explode
Electric Six- Devil Nights
Electric Six- Vibrator
Bullet for my Valentine- Her Voice Resides
Waterdown- Cut the Cord
Devildriver- Die (and Die Now)
Archenemy- I am Legend/Out for Blood
HORSE the Band- House of Boo
Otep- Battle Ready
Roadrunner United- Independent (Voice of the Voiceless)
Soilwork- Stabbing the Drama
Tool- Sober

Random Double Shot
Metal: Excel- The Jokes on You
Pop: Chore- The Wall Burns

Guilty Pleasures
Kittie- Brackish
Manowar- The Gods Made Heavy Metal

Exodus- War is my Shepard
Coal Chamber- Fiend
Strapping Young Lad- Oh my Fucking God
Strapping Young Lad- Detox
Every Time I Die- Apocalypse Now and Then

Bands that you haven't come across during your normal flips through the radio because corporate radio won't play them... or something
Android Lust- Lover Thine
Tricky Woo- First Blush

25% Toby- Kill Yourself
Electric Six- The Future is in the Future

So this was the show where I got my head shaved. The Business Manager D, was able to correctly answer my question, so she had the distinct privilage of doing the deed. I had a mohawk for a while, + I thought it was good. I'd ask all of you, but everyone that saw it over the webcam has already talked to me, so... there's no point.

The Random Double Shot went... okay. The first band was out of the metal catalog and was a hardcore band called Excel. They were pretty bad, but we played the whole thing. The other was a pretty good selection from the pop catalog called Chore. Craig took it to give it a listen, so we might play more from it on the show this week.

The Bands... section this week consisted of an electronic band called Android Lust, and a balls-out rock group called Trick Woo. Here's the linkage:

Android Lust- www.androidlust.com
Trick Woo- www.trickywoo.org

As always, tell us what you think, because... fill in whatever reason you want hear.

Tune in this week from 7-10 PM for the same old shenanigans.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Should this be bi-weekly... you decide. Part one of a two part series...

Since people haven't been responding to well... anything, we thought we should pose the question as to if the post should be a weekly thing or a bi-weekly thing. So... should this be a weekly or bi-weekly posting? Yet one of the many ways in which we let you, the listener interact with us. So let's go in order of shows and you can see what you've missed/heard. As always, requests are undelined and segments are in italics.

2 weeks ago- Double Shots for all:

Electric Six- Rock and Roll Evacuation
Electric Six- Pleasing Interlude I/Dance Epidemic
VHS or Beta- Night on Fire
VHS or Beta- You Got Fire
Head Automatica- Brooklyn is Burning
Head Automatica- Beating Hearts Baby
Metallica- For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Misfits- Hybrid Moments

Lucky Boys Confusion- Hey Driver
Lucky Boys Confusion- Medicine and Gasoline


Caroline's Spine- You and Me
Caroline's Spine- Sullivan
Mindless Self Indulgence- You'll Rebel to Anything
Mindless Self Indulgence- Thank God

Finger Eleven- Stay in Shadow
Finger Eleven- Tip
Sneaker Pimps- 6 Underground
Sneaker Pimps- Becoming X

Random Double Shot
Metal:Internal Bleeding- Gutted Human Sacrifice
Pop:/lazycame- Fornicate

Nine Inch Nails- Suck
Nine Inch Nails- Gave Up

Guilty Pleasures
Staind- It's Been a While
Avril Lavigne- I'm With You

Alkaline Trio- This Could Be Love
Alkaline Trio- Burn

Bands you haven't heard of but I guess you should look into listening to if you want to... or something
Paris, Texas- Action Fans Help Us!
This Providence- Well Versed in the Ways of the World

Clutch- Guild of Mute Assassins

So we decided toward the beginning of the show that we would hold two contests. The first as to give away bottles of Edge Shaving Gel, which we gave away a record one of! The next was a contest in which we said "Chupacabra" and the person to tell us after the show how many times we said it would get to shave my head on air the next week. The total was (drum roll please): 180 times! This solidifies us as not only setting the world record for saying "Chupacabra" during a radio show, but also as being legally retarded. It also shows that none of you either wanted to win the contest, listened, or cared enough

The Random Double Shot segment was pretty awful this week with us pulling out the musical equivalent of Three Wise Men out of the catalog. The Pop selection was an experimental album by a band named lazycame, which we cut early. The Metal one was for a band called Internal Bleeding, which was terrible (fill in something here)-core. We also shut this off early.

The Bands.. this week were two pop-y type bands. Here's the linkage:

Paris, Texas- www.paris-texas.com
This Providence- www.thisprovidence.com

Check them out and tell us what you think. If you don't say anything, we're going to assume that we're doing the greatest job ever and that you love every band we play. Then you won't listen and we will be sad, and also you won't be listening, so you will be sad. All in all, everyone will be sad.

Part two coming soon... like later tonight or tomorrow. I know the suspense is killing you.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Okay... so I've been slacking a bit... sue me

I've been slacking a bit on the posts, so I'm going to include the playlist from this week along with the playlist from the show two weeks ago at the end. We're just going to pretend that last week didn't happen since there was a grand total of 0 people listening anyway. Let's start with this past show shall we. Let's shall... (underlines are requests, italics are segments):

In Flames- Come Clarity (NEW)
BEDLight for BLUEeyes- The Perfect Weapon
Thursday- This Side of Brightness
Coheed & Cambria- Blood Red Summer
Electric Six- Danger! High Voltage!
Seven Mary Three- Cumbersome

Random Double Shot
Metal- Isle of Q- Sweet Potato
Pop- Suicide- Televised Executions

Nine Inch Nails- The Perfect Drug
Black Lab- Anything
Rob Zombie- Dead Girl Superstar


Live- Selling the Drama
August Burns Red- Your Little Suburbia in Ruins
Roadrunner United- Independent (Voice of the Voiceless)
3 Inches of Blood- Deadly Sinners

Guilty Pleasures
Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear the Reaper
Five for Fighting- Superman

Tool- Lateralus

Bands you probably haven't gotten a chance to hear unless you know some freak like us that listens to all the throw away CDs that get sent here
Say Anything- Admit It!!!
The Memory- I Told You
Bag- Can't Stand Your Face
Hate Dept.- Release It
Secret Mommy- Tennis Court
Edie Sedgwick- Tim Robbins/Harrison Ford
Dean Grey- Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Cowboy Mouth- How Do you Tell Someone

This week was a pretty normal week except for the insane amount of Bands... and the fact that we went through our segments in record time, not even rushing at the end.

We premiered a new segment this show (actually last show, but since no one heard it, it's like we premiered it on this one), called The Random Double Shot, where Craig and I send one another to the Pop and Metal Catalogs and pick out a random disc from in it to play, and then the pick the coolest sounding name off the album and play it. This week Isle of Q went down pretty smooth out of Metal, and Suicide didn't sit well with us at all from Pop. Lesson learned... Isle of Q good, Suicide bad.

Our Guilty Pleasures for the week were Craig picking "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult, and me picking "Superman" by Five for Fighting. Remember we do this for all of you, so you should feel guilty about laughing... but I know I wouldn't so keep on doing it.

And now to the biggest section. This week we played a bunch of stuff for the bands... from all across the spectrum. We started out with a quasi-alt rock band in Say Anything, went to some local quasi-hardcore locals, The Memory, then went to the quasi-rapping of Bag, after which we played the quasi-industrial sounds of Hate Dept., followed by the insane instrumentals of Secret Mommy, followed by the insanity that is Edie Sedgwick, and ended it with a mix of songs conducted by Dean Grey. Here's all the info we can get so you can check them out if you'd like. Also, remember to leave comments so we know if we're doing well on getting bands out there.

Say Anything- www.sayanythingmusic.com
The Memory- www.cirecords.com/cirecords/bands/thememory.html *Note: Their official site isn't up yet, so this is probably the best place for info at the moment.
Bag- Couldn't find a site, but when we do, we'll put it up.
Hate Dept.- www.hatedept.com
Secret Mommy- www.secretmommy.com
Edie Sedgwick- www.ediesedgwick.biz/home.html
Dean Grey- www.americanedit.net

So, there you have it. Tune in next week for the on campus give-away, and maybe, just maybe one that's not just on campus. Feel free to leave us some comments, requests, etc, because we like to know that someone looks at this thing.

Here's the playlist from three weeks ago, and with that I bid you adieu.

Gravity Kills- Alive
KMFDM- Juke Joint Jezebel
Mest- I Can't Imagine How it Hurts


In Flames- Leeches (NEW)
In Flames- Dead End (NEW)
Callenish Circle- Inside the Horror (NEW)
Horse the Band- Birdo

Earth Shattering Debate

Killswitch Engage- Rose of Sharyn
Powerman 5000- Tonight the Stars Revolt

Shadows Fall- What Drives the Weak
Between the Buried and Me- All Bodies
Skinny Puppy- Amputate
Reggie and the Full Effect- What the Hell is Stipulation
Akaline Trio- Burn (Alleged Remix)
Reggie and the Full Effect- Love Reality
Head Automatica- Brooklyn is Burning
3- Trust (NEW)
3- Dogs of War (NEW)

Guilty Pleasures
Boston- More Than a Feelin'
Goo Goo Dolls- Name

Roadrunner United- The End
Nine Inch Nails- Sin (Live)

Bands that haven't caught your attention, but you should look into
Veda- The Falling Kind
Dropping Daylight- Save Yourself

Rise Against- Swing Life Away


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The first time is always special...

So it was the first show of the latest semester of Bad Transitions, and all three of you that were listening were probably saying, "...eh," but no matter. Here's a tracklist of the show for your "Hey I want to download that song" enjoyment. Segments are in italics and requests are underlined.

The Fully Down- Cost of Comfort
Mooney Suzuki- Alive and Amplified
Nine Inch Nails- The Perfect Drug
Mindless Self Indulgence- Straight to Video
Coheed & Cambria- In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Matthew Good Band- Anti-pop
Institute- Bullet-proof Skin
The Audition- It's Too Late (NEW)
I Am Ghost- Pretty People Never Lie/Vampires Really Never Die (NEW)
My Chemical Romance- To The End (RnR Cheryl Remix)
Bauhaus- Third Uncle


VHS or Beta- Night on Fire (NEW)
Daft Punk- Technologic
Head Automatica- Young Hollywood (Please, Please, Please)
Bloc Party- Helicopter
The Faint- Agenda Suicide
Electric Six- High Voltage
David Draiman- Forsaken
Horse the Band- The House of Bod

Submersed- Hollow
Puscifer- REV 22:20
Puscifer- The Undertaker (Renholder Mix) (NEW)

Guilty Pleasures
Dream Evil- The Book of Heavy Metal
Michael Jackson- Beat It

Papa Roach- Blood (Empty Promises)
Death From Above 1979- If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It

Bands that you probably don't know about until you heard them played on this show... or something
Super 8-Bit Brothers- My Princess is in Another Castle
Glovebox- Never Be the Same

Coheed & Cambria- Crossing the Frame

So being the first week back, we decided to play some stuff that we picked up over break (new to us) and that came into the station (new in general). We were joined in the studio by Roger, who did his normal Roger things... whatever they are.

This week our Guilty Pleasures segment featured a pretty bad range of stuff. Mine was a power-metal cheesiness Dream Evil with "The Book of Heavy Metal" and Craig played some classic Michael Jackson with "Beat It." It wasn't pretty people. I want to suggest that you watch the video for Dream Evil, but at the same time, I don't think you should. I'll put up the link to their site and you can just look at them and decide from there, but don't say I didn't warn you... http://www.dreamevil.se.

The Bands you haven't heard of... section this week featured a band from the newly emerging "Nintendo Music Scene" (Super 8-Bit Brothers) and a electro-pop band from Australia (Glovebox). As always we have provided links for them to find out more info if you so desire. Also, give us your feedback so we know if we're picking good stuff. Elsewise, we're going to keep just randomly picking things thinking you like them.

Super 8-Bit Brothers- www.super8bitbrothers.com/
Glovebox- www.glovebox.net.au/

Big props to Angelica who gave me some new Death From Above 1979 to play on the show. If you have a chance on Thursday nights from 6-8 PM, feel free to listne in to her show at www.cjlo.com. It's good stuff, and no, I'm not just saying that because she's hot. But as an aside, she happens to be hot.

Next week we'll have the same segments as this week, but with some new stuff by 3, In Flames, stuff off the Underworld: Evolution Soundtrack, and some more stuff from things we picked up while on break. If you have anything you want to hear, feel free to leave a comment here or send us an e-mail at badtransitions@hotmail.com.

So tune in next week for whatever inane insanity that we'll undoubtably throw out.


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Another semester...

Greetings all one or two of you that may take the time to read this,

This is an informative entry letting everyone know that the next airing of Bad Transitions is set to happen this coming Sunday, AKA the 22nd of January at 7 in the PM. We cordially invite you to tune your radio machine to 91.7 on your FM dial, or tune in via webcast on our website at www.wixq.com. We will have much to play for you, including new acquisitons that were carefully hand selected during the Winter Break. Also, we may have a rather large announcement to make in the near future, so you may wish to tune in to hear what it could be. For those of you that are too good to pious to listen, well, frankly, we don't really care about you enough to care that you aren't listening, so... sorry.

We hope you have a wonderful day, and encourage your requests either via this blog, by AOL Instant Messenger at wixq917, or the good old fashioned phone lines at 872-3518 or 872-3519. Please do listen and request, because, really, what else do you have to do.

Thank you for your time in these matters.

Best Regards,
Andrew and Craig

P.S. Tell Tabitha we miss her dearly, and if we should happen not to make it, don't let Frank have our stuff. That guy's a dick. Thanks.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bad news... and more bad news

To our one, maybe two listeners that care:

Okay, I'll give you the choice, which do you want to hear, the bad news or the bad news? Okay then, I'll tell you the bad news.

The bad news is that due to a 1/4 inch of ice set to be on the ground this evening, the show we were going to start at 10 is cancelled. We will try to get on air tomorrrow after we get done w/ our 10:15 final. The final is only going to be an hour, according to our professor, so the lastest we'll be over is 10:30. Craig will have to leave early, but we'll still slap together a show. The next show won't be coming in until 2, so we'll have until then to play whatever you want.

We'll be doing the horoscopes for the week, "Bands you may not have readily heard of but may wish to add to your respective musical catalog," possibly a "Guilty Pleasures" segement, and the usual unusual... ness. So tune in tomorrow, make requests, and all that stuff. We'll catch you then.


Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh man... this is going to be good.

Taken from Craig's personal site:

"This Sunday is going to be a super-special edition of Bad Transitions. You're gonna love this... WIXQ has had a webcam for a few years now, but most listeners don't know about it and many DJ's don't even aknowledge it when they're on air. Andrew Wieler and I hope to raise studio webcam awareness by presenting a 3 hour long Webcam Karaoke Extravaganza!!!! That's correct, my associate and I will sing/perform/dance to every song on the show for everyone to see! Want a REAL show? Request your favorite sing/dance-along tune and watch us botch it MISERABLY while you, yourself, sing and dance to it in the comfort of your own home. Now, keep in mind, we won't actually be singing the songs on air, because we don't want anyone to kill themselves because of our terrible singing, but at least you can turn away from the webcam if it gets too gruesome. We do, of course, encourage anyone who can to take stills from the webcam and send them to us at BadTransitions@hotmail.com. We'll be playing double-shots for the entire show, too. So you'll be able to watch us suffer through two songs we don't really want to sing if you make a request for a band we don't like (we're there for your amusement, people). We're also going to jam pack the last hour of the show with blocks of Rage Against the Machine, MSI, and Finger Eleven, because we haven't played them enough on the show and feel that they all deserve their own 3 or 4 song blocks. SO, when the time comes, click right here to see the most asinine thing you've ever experienced."

Also, we'll be doing all the stuff you expect including a Bands You May or May Not Have Heard of But Should Check Out for the Sole Reason that We Think They Rock Pretty Good... or something, a Guilty Pleasures segment, new stuff from Death From Above 1979's new remix and B-Side album, and, above all else, a brand new single from Mindless Self Indulgence, which rocks ad nauseum. So, please do tune in for a good time. If not, you'll miss out on so much that I may have to recommend that you hang yourself. And on that positive note, have a great day!


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Look, I'm posting... within a reasonable time frame no less

So, I've decided that if I don't post this now, it will never get on the site, so I'm doing the play list + recap now. That + I don't really want to go home. As always, italics= segment, + underline= request. So, here's the list:

Finch- What it is to Burn
Rammstein- Benzin (NEW)
Taking BAck Sunday- A Decade Under the Influence
Y Front- Eccentric Moondancer
Aiden- See You in Hell...
Ludo- Part I
The Rasmus- No Fear (NEW)
Caroline's Spine- Sullivan
Mindless Self Indulgence- Thank God
Running From Dharma- Our Song
Cold- Just Got Wicked
God Module- A Night Like This (NEW)
Kovenant- Mirrors Paradise
Pig- Situation (NEW)
KMFDM- Free Your Hate
VNV Nation- Electronaut
The Rasmus- No Fear (Fearless Remix) (NEW)
God Module- Sections (NEW)
Sister Machine Gun- Red
Hellsau- Master of Puppets

Guilty Pleasures
Maxi Priest f/ Shaggy- That Girl
Trio- Da Da Da

Bands that you haven't heard of but may wish to check out if you get a chance sometime in the near future because they're all relatively new bands or albums and are pretty good... or something

I Am the Avalanche- I Took a Beating
Scary Kids Scaring Kids- The Only Medicine
The Subways- Rock and Roll Queen
Mystic Underground- Mary's Dead
The Static Age- Amphibian
Nightmare of You- Ode to Serotonin
Gooding- Charlatan
Morcheeba- Wonders Never Cease
The Exit- Don't Push

Bloodhound Gang- Pennsylvania

So this week's show was a little bit of this, a little bit of Industrial/Dark Wave, and a little bit of new stuff.

We were joined initially by Roger, who left about an hour in. D stopped in for a bit as well, but also left, I'm thinking that no one loves us enough to stay... or that we're too obnoxious to spend a lot of time w/. I'm thinking it's the latter.

We played a bunch of new lesser known stuff, so I said we'd put up some links so you can check them out. If it's marked as "(NEW)" + you don't see a link, you probably should know the site or the band, or we couldn't find anything:

The Rasmus- www.therasmus.com
God Module- http://www.metropolis-records.com/artists/?artist=godmod
Pig- www.mnine.com/pig
I Am the Avalanche- www.iamtheavalanche.com
Scary Kids Scaring Kids- www.scarykids.com
The Subways- www.thesubways.net
Mystic Underground- www.themysticunderground.com
The Static Age- www.thestaticage.com
Nightmare of You- www.nightmareofyou.com
Gooding- www.goodingband.com
Morcheeba- www.morcheeba.net
The Exit- www.theexitrock.com

Feel free to let us know what you thought about any of these bands, or for that matter any part of the show, by commenting. It involves hitting the comment button + typing. It may be hard, but we believe you can do it.

Next week Millersville will be on break for Thanksgiving, which means, in accordance w/ the FCC, WIXQ can't broadcast. Tune in in two weeks for our return. Until then, leave us comments, requests, hate mail, naked pictures of yourself (women only), whatever you want.

That's all we've got, so enjoy your Thanksgiving, + all that good stuff.


Friday, November 18, 2005

One more thing...

In order to try to cut down on unwanted comments from stupid spam things, we've decided to put up a "word verification" for the comments section. All this means is when you post a comment (+ you will ), you will have to type in a word that appears in a box for it to be displayed. It's not hard, trust me. If I can do it, then anyone can, because, as you plainly know from listening to the show, I'm mentally retarded. That is all.


Haha, funny story...

So, on this week's show, we had to record everything we played for BMI, so they can pay artists that the station plays accordingly. Not really thinking about it, I took the sheets that we wrote on, put them in the lovely envelope that BMI sent us to send back to them, + sent them on their merry way. It was shortly after this that I thought, "Hey, I probably needed them to update our playlist for the week." I would steal the playlist from the website, but we decided to do an impromptu show on Monday, so... that kind of got rid of what we played the night before... + so I kind of couldn't. So... I'm retarded, + I apologize. I'm going to act like everyone knew the songs for this week anyway, so I don't have to write them down.

Anyway, this week, we'll be playing lots of new stuff, including some stuff from the Subways, a European band whose single severly kicks ass called The Rasmus, some stuff from Metropolis Records, + a few other random things. You know you love new music, which means you'll want to listen. You... want to listen. Very good. So be sure to tune in Sunday from 7-10 in the PM. Also, make requests here so we put them on the show. Requests make us happy... in the pants region. Yeah, I went there. I so went there.